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  • 2015

    15. 09.Mass Production of Smart G-Scope

    15. 05.Start Wireless UWB Dental Autofocus Camera development

    15. 04.Start 3D Dental Scanner development

    15. 03.Acquired the patent for portable microscope (G-Scope)

    15. 01.Production start of x20 Zoom Camera for medical recording

     System of Dentist

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  • 2014

    14. 12.Ready to start the production of Smart G-Scope

    14. 05.Start the development of x20 optic zoom camera

    14. 02.Developed 3times optic zoom camera for school


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  • 2013

    13. 11.Enter the business of Digital microscope

    13. 11.Acquire the license of R&D center from the nation

    13. 10.Register the patent of autofocus microscope.

    13. 10.1st market release of autofocus dental camera in KR.

    13. 02.Release development kit of Liquid lens

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  • 2012

    12. 11.Acquire a license of venture company

    12. 10.Establish R&D department

    12. 03.Develop car black box solution(HD/FHD)



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  • 2011

    11. 12.Contract with Varioptic as a sole supplier in KR.

    11. 07.Contract with Laon people as a agency


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  • 2010

    10. 08.Contract with corelogic as a S/W design house

    10. 04.Enter the business of Car Block Box Solution

    10. 03.Establish the company of Genie Tech

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