We are trying to be a total solution
provider for your special camera application.

Company Message

Genie Tech is a solution provider & manufacturer for special camera applications, like a Medical autofocus camera, educational camera and autofocus microscope & telescope, etc.

With high-end technology of image signal processing accumulated over 20 years, We have been developed new innovative technologies and various special products in digital camera application.

Especially, we have been focused on autofocus camera using Liquid Lens & optical zoom camera for medical, education and industrial market. So, we are now a tier 1 solution provider for autofocus dental camera and car black box camera  in korea.

We are trying to promote and develope new products based on various multi-media processors such as AP, ISP, DSP, AF lends and Optical Zoom Lends. Last 4~5 years, our professional researchers invented product solutions and shows constant growth. We had invented consumer products such as vehicle black box, wall-pad, memory video phone, note-cam and USB camera using AP, ISP, DSP and AF technology.

Now we complete the solution for the intraoral camera, iris recognition camera, surgery camera, medical camera and are trying to mass produce with related manufacture enterprises.

Not only consumer products, also we are promoting education, medical field and security industry. Recently we are on the process to make Auto-Focus microscope as harmonizing AF-function to microscope lends.

President Kevin Ryu